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Three understandings about non metal laser cutting machine

Release time:2021-01-22 source:Dongguan Xinke Laser Technology Co., Ltd
With the rapid development of the market towards the direction of information diversification and personalization, compact, functional, economic and environmental friendly laser processing equipment is more and more favored by the market. Laser cutting machine is recognized as a multi-functional machine and equipment in the market. We must have heard about its wide application. Non metal laser cutting machine just breaks through the traditional technology and adds different characteristics to laser equipment.

Structure -- stable deduction of high rigidity

First of all, the frame of metal and nonmetal laser cutting machine is welded with square steel, and then finish machining is carried out after fire treatment to ensure the long-term stability of the machine. In addition, it has a thick sheet metal structure. According to the different parts of the product, the sheet metal thickness of 3-5mm is adopted, which has the characteristics of stable structure and good rigidity. Finally, there is a multi-functional working platform, which is equipped with serrated and knife bar cutting platform, which is convenient for the operator and realizes fast platform switching.

Software -- the perfect cutting of professionalism

Xinke laser's metal and nonmetal laser cutting machine adopts full touch screen software design style and professional control software, supports multi language processing display and one key switching processing, also supports DXF format file and automatically optimizes cutting trajectory. This new touch screen motion controller not only simplifies the operation steps, but also realizes the automatic tracking and focusing of the laser head.

Electricity: the creation of worry free production

The metal and nonmetal multi-function laser cutting machine adopts the imported Yaskawa servo motor, so it can flexibly move its explosive force and give full play to the mechanical performance. Secondly, there are electrical boxes produced in full accordance with international safety standards. Due to its reasonable design and the use of components of various well-known brands, it is absolutely safe in production.

Metal and nonmetal laser cutting machine is widely used in die-cutting plate processing; precision cutting of carbon steel, stainless steel and other metal sheet; precision cutting of acrylic plate, PVC laser cutting, plywood laser cutting, density board laser cutting and other kinds of nonmetal medium and heavy plate. It is a multi-functional machine with high processing precision, excellent performance, stable operation, wide application range and high cost performance Plate laser cutting machine. As the leader of industrial automation of medium and small power laser equipment and the practitioner of advanced laser manufacturing technology, Xinke laser has been firmly and firmly safeguarding the interests of customers, and constantly developing application process laser technology in various industries.



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