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Talking about the selection of laser rod for laser cutting machine

Release time:2021-01-22 source:Dongguan Xinke Laser Technology Co., Ltd

Dongguan laser cutting machine company Xinke laser introduces that the laser rod is mainly a solid based on yttrium aluminum garnet crystal, which can be divided into Nd: YAG crystal, Ce: Nd: YAG crystal, Yb: YAG crystal, etc. At present, Nd: YAG crystal is commonly used in laser marking machine, laser cutting machine and other industrial laser equipment.
1. The tunable laser rod can be tuned in a certain range due to the fact that the D-D transition of transition metal ions is easily affected by the lattice field. Cr3 +: licaalf6 and Cr3 +: lisralf6 are the best Cr3 + - doped tunable laser crystals with tuning range of 0.78 ~ 1.01um. The former has good mechanical properties and the latter has good laser properties.
2. New wavelength laser rod, mid infrared crystal with wavelength of 2 ~ 3um, such as er1.5y1.5al5o12 (2.94um), because the absorption coefficient of this wavelength to water is 1 (compared with 1.06um, only 10-4), 3um laser is widely used in medicine.
3. Semiconductor quantum well laser (qwld) is an important application of laser crystal, semiconductor superlattice and quantum well materials in optoelectronic technology. Qwld is widely used because of its high efficiency (60%), small size, reliability and low cost.
4. At present, CO2 laser and Nd: YAG laser are mainly used in industrial processing. Due to the use of high-power semiconductor laser as pump source and the structure of multi rod series connection combination system, the output of Nd: YAG laser reaches kilowatt level high average power density.
The above is Dongguan laser cutting machine company Xinke laser on the "laser cutting machine laser rod selection" introduction, I hope to have some help to you.



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