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The components of self floating laser cutting head of metal laser cutting machine

Release time:2021-01-22 source:Dongguan Xinke Laser Technology Co., Ltd

Metal laser cutting machine, laser cutting head part self floating

Due to the floating head laser cutting part: nozzle, focusing lens and self focusing servo system.

1) Nozzle: the influence of nozzle shape on the selection of large size nozzle and cutting quality. Xinke laser company through in-depth research and test and error, in order to obtain the best data series, you can configure the best cutting nozzle with specific customer requirements.

2) Focusing lens: metal laser cutting machine uses the laser energy of laser cutting machine, which must be emitted through the original beam focusing lens to form high energy density points. According to Gauss optical theory, the focus with the highest power density. The longer the focal length, the larger the focal spot, the lower the power density, but a large focal depth (focal point means 5% of the distance between the two points of the focal spot diameter change, both sides also mentioned the depth in the effective cutting range), and the tolerance of large surgery. The effective range is larger than a 5-inch, 3-inch lens. That's why the telephoto lens is suitable for thick plate cutting, and low pitch stability requires a tracking system, but requires higher laser output power. On the contrary, the short focal length lens is only suitable for the reduction of the thickness less than 3 mm, which has more stringent requirements for the stable pitch tracking system.

3) AF servo system: the auto focusing system of Dongguan laser cutting machine is usually added by the auto focusing system of cutting head. The cutting head comprises a light guide focusing, water cooling, injection and mechanical adjusting part. The increase system is a closed-loop control system, which consists of four parts: position signal, signal processing, logic control and motor drive. The system uses capacitive sensor tracking system, also known as non-contact tracking system, with fast response speed and control accuracy.

We all know that compared with conventional cutting, the roundness and fineness of products made by Dongguan laser cutting machine are much better. So how to maximize the productivity of metal laser cutting machine? Here we are.

1, learning process, according to the product requirements, set the appropriate cutting program. In the daily production process, we can put different shapes of patterns, need different cutting process. Our operators will need to set different cutting process, the most suitable cutting procedure, and have achieved the most perfect shortcut technology products.

2. Optimize the layout plan on the premise of ensuring the quality. When we get raw materials, we must first consider how the cutting line can be reduced. This avoids a lot of repeated cutting and naturally increases the efficiency.

3. The appearance of the device solves some small problems. We should continue to strengthen the understanding of all aspects of the machine, daily work and learning. If you encounter a small problem, you can solve it as soon as possible; if it has a big problem, you have your own opinions to help solve the problem.

4. Repair and maintenance of equipment is also very important. Machines are all life. We have to treat them well. They can work better for us. If we don't cherish it, it may not be willing to work for us.



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