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The reason why the laser head of laser cutting machine does not emit light is analyzed

Release time:2021-01-21 source:Dongguan Xinke Laser Technology Co., Ltd

1. Press the test key on the operation panel to check whether the ammeter has current indication

(1) If there is no current: check whether the laser power is connected, whether the high voltage wire is loose or off, and whether the signal wire is loose;

(2) If there is current: check whether the lens is broken, whether the laser tube light hole and lens are polluted, and whether the light path is seriously deviated.

2. Check whether the water circulation system is normal

(1) No water: check whether the water pump is damaged or not powered on;

(2) Water supply: check whether the water inlet and outlet are connected reversely or the water pipe is broken.

3. Spot shooting can produce light, but it doesn't emit light when engraving is controlled by computer. Check the connection between the control board of laser cutting machine and the power supply.

4. The laser power board is damaged (repair by the manufacturer).



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