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What measures need to be taken for Dongguan laser cutting machine to process high precision workpiece

Release time:2021-01-21 source:Dongguan Xinke Laser Technology Co., Ltd

Using Dongguan laser cutting machine to cut high-precision workpieces is the effect that every processing factory wants to achieve, but in the process of laser cutting, burr is easy to appear, the cutting is not transparent or there is edge collapse, the finish can not meet the requirements, etc., which is often the case, so how to avoid these problems, let's share some experience.

1. When the power of Dongguan laser cutting machine is fixed, select the appropriate thickness of the plate cutting. For carbon steel less than 12mm and stainless steel less than 6mm, the cutting effect of metal laser cutting machine is obvious, the quality is the best, and the efficiency can be guaranteed. For example, when the material thickness is less than 1 mm, the material incision is extremely smooth.

2. Improve the output power of metal laser cutting machine. The higher the output power of metal laser cutting machine is, the higher the photoelectric conversion efficiency is, so the cutting quality is better on the plate with the same thickness. The higher the fit between laser cutting mode and material, the better the cutting quality.

3. The cutting speed of metal laser cutting machine is consistent with the cutting material. If we can make the cutting speed and material fit to the best, then the cutting effect is the best, too fast and too slow will affect the effect of laser cutting.

4. Select the most suitable cutting focus. Laser cutting focus on good, cutting accuracy and accuracy can meet the requirements.

Dongguan laser cutting machine processing high-precision workpieces, in addition to the problem with the equipment itself, but also with the operator's operation has a great relationship, so Wuhan Dier laser suggests that everyone, before the operator on duty, to carry out regular laser cutting machine operation training.



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