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common problem

Release time:2021-01-21 source:Dongguan Xinke Laser Technology Co., Ltd
Abnormal machine reset

1. When reset, the direction is correct, but at the top, the car and beam cannot stop, and the sensor / sensor circuit is faulty

2. The crossbeam reset is normal, and the trolley does not move in the original position. It may be that the synchronous wheel is stuck or the small motor shaft is broken

No laser during operation

1. First, check whether the laser tube itself emits light (test at the light outlet of the laser tube), and the laser tube emits light;

2. If there is no light at the light outlet of the laser tube, check whether the water circulation is normal (see whether the water flow of the water pipe is smooth), if there is no water flow or the water flow is not smooth;

3. If the water circulation is normal, check the laser power supply and whether the power supply fan rotates;

4. Check whether the laser power supply circuit is loose;

No action when power on

1. Is the power switch indicator on?

2. If there is a display (pad-03 / 05), check whether the laser software setting parameters are set to return to the original point

3. If the parameters are correct, there is still no action, the main board or the driver is faulty (at this time, the driver is red). Pad-03 / 05 may not have good data line contact

There is no time for light

1. Check whether the lens is dirty or damaged, and whether the optical path is seriously deviated

2. If the optical path of the lens is normal, check whether the water circulation is normal, such as intermittent water

3. The water circulation is normal, which may be water protection failure

Smaller / larger size

1. If the user outputs in PLT format in CorelDRAW, first check whether the plotter unit is set to 1016

2. If the plotter unit is correct or AI format is adopted, the output becomes smaller (check whether the output parameter setting is wrong and whether the size is 1:1)

3. Is the number of pulses generated by the machine / worktable / x-axis and y-axis in the machine operation software: 10000, 31.55 per movement

Car head out of light

1. If used in the rubber industry, offset impurities, prone to this phenomenon, should not affect

2. Check the white jet pipe of the laser head to see if there is strong air flow. Because the path of the pipe is long, it is easy to be discounted, blocked or worn out

3. Check whether the air pump itself has faults, such as small air output or does not work

The temperature of circulating water rises rapidly

1. The laser working light intensity is too high

2. Check whether the return of cooling water outlet pipe is normal, whether the water flow is smooth, and whether the latex pipe in the machine is discounted

3. Check whether the water pump or water inlet and outlet pipes are too dirty and whether the water protection is blocked

4. Check whether the water output and pressure of submersible pump are normal, if the water output is very small



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