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How to distinguish the quality of marking machine

Release time:2021-01-21 source:Dongguan Xinke Laser Technology Co., Ltd
 Metal electro printing marking machine: This is a very economical and exquisite marking method. The technology comes from foreign countries. About 10 years ago, it was introduced into the Chinese market by three manufacturers in the United States, Germany and Japan. However, due to the price and after-sales service, the market share of imported brands in the domestic market is very small. Some domestic enterprises have imitated production and sales, but the good and the bad are mixed, Some manufacturers often produce in the form of family workshops, which can not guarantee the stability and safety of the machine at all. Some key consumables are also shoddy, so it is difficult to meet the needs of users' actual mass production. These companies tend to attract customers at low prices, but once the machines are sold, they will not be able to deliver the promised technical support and maintenance services. We often meet some customers who want to buy such machines at a low price. In the end, they often delay production and invest again. As a matter of fact, as the printing and marking machine needs to use templates, marking liquid and other consumables, more than 30% of its value is in after-sales service. If the quality and service in this area can not keep up, the marking machine can not reflect its practical value. Therefore, it is suggested that customers should fully compare various factors when selecting manufacturers.
·Pneumatic marking machine: this kind of equipment is characterized by instant output and large depth, so it is especially suitable for marking various batch numbers that need to change frequently. This kind of equipment was first introduced into China by a French company, but it is still dominated by domestic brands due to the same problems of price and after-sales service. In fact, needle marking machine requires manufacturers to have very professional numerical control design power, while some manufacturers use unstable numerical control system in order to reduce costs, so the product quality is not satisfactory The after-sales service can't keep up (the weight and volume of this kind of equipment are large), which often makes customers complain. D-17, which is developed by ourselves, adopts the most advanced numerical control system, and its key parts are imported parts with high cost. The product has been successfully applied to many famous domestic automobile production lines and has withstood the most severe test.
·Electric hand-held marking machine: This is a low-cost marking machine completely invented by our technicians. It is especially suitable for printing nameplates, batch numbers, dates and other frequently changing words on measuring tools. The marking effect is equivalent to that of pneumatic point needle marking machine, which is convenient to use and extremely low cost.
·Two color metal engraving machine: This is a marking tool developed on the basis of electric hand-held marking machine. Its use is similar to that of electric hand-held marking machine, but it is not limited by hardness.
·Signboard parameter engraving machine: This is a device invented by product technicians, specially designed for small and medium-sized enterprises that need to engrave on a small number of metal signboards. It is cheap, high-quality and easy to operate, filling the gap of domestic demand.
·Laser marking machine: in China, since the 1990s, three enterprises in Beijing, Shenzhen and Shanghai have started to produce domestic laser marking machines. At present, our company, as one of the earliest enterprises in China to produce YAG laser marking machines, has developed the application of laser marking machines in many emerging fields



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